Our giftware range is ever-expanding with great gift ideas for any occasion at great wholesale prices. With Mothers Day and Fathers Day always sneaking up on us, why not check out our gift ideas pages that feature some fantastic giftware including candle holders, jewellery, watches, and more! For the simpler gifts you might be looking for, our giftware range also includes products such as novelty items, wallets, and bookmarks that are great for anyone.

We have a fantastic range of Glowing Glass Candle Holders which are covered in Polymer Fimo Clay designs that are suitable for any decor or gift. These candleholders are a great gift idea as they can be used inside and outside with a variety of different candles. Each of the designs look amazing when lit and come in a gift box, making it an easy, yet brilliant gift. Not to mention we have a great bulk wholesale offer available. 

For a decorative touch to any wall, our range of dream catchers also makes a great gift. Each assorted pack of dream catchers is available at a great wholesale price in a variety of sizes. Dream catcher styles include a variety of shells, beads, stones, and feathers in various colours, making their intricate designs look amazing.

One of our best selling giftware lines has been our Diamond Art Canvases. Diamond Art is an amazing way to pass the time while creating something beautiful that you can frame and hang in your home. With an amazing array of designs available, Diamond Art Canvases are a fantastic gift idea for kids and adults of all ages. These amazing packs come with more than enough resin diamonds to complete your picture as well as all the equipment you need including an applicator pen, wax pad, and sorting tray. These will give you hours of fun and relaxation in the comfort of your own home.